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Hi friends-

I run online music lessons specializing in singing, songwriting, and practical piano!


Together, we'll work on vocal range, breathing, emotional communication, and anything else we think of! We will develop an education of you own voice, the tips and tricks to help reach higher potential, and tools on how to grow strength in your voice and confidence. 


Songwriting is a difficult, vulnerable, and incredible skill to acquire. It is like journaling but with space for a certain kind of creativity. It's pretty much my favourite thing ever.


 If we decide to incorporate songwriting into our lessons, we will go over:

  • the format of a song

  • learning how to break the rules once we've learned them

  • what makes a catchy and meaningful song

  • writing as a form of expression 

  • a deeper understanding of the songs you already love

  • & much more!


I teach piano to be able to write songs, play with other people, play covers of songs that are meaningful to you, and mostly have FUN! 


We'll dive into beginner theory to allow for an understanding of chords and progressions, keys, scales, and how to become a better player/writer. Please feel free to contact me and inquire further to see if I'm the piano teacher for you! :)

Pricing Options:

½ hr 6 week session: $250

1 hr 6 week session: $370

½ hr one-time zoom: $45


1 hr one-time zoom: $65

* ps. If things are feeling tough financially, please send me an email and we can figure something out. 

please feel free to contact me at


I have a cancelation policy of 6 hours, unless it is an emergency. 

Previously it was 12 hours, and 3 hours during covid. 

Please let me know asap if you are not able to make it to a lesson and need to reschedule. 

*If you're late, I'll stay on the session for 15 minutes until assuming it's off.

If you're able to let me know you're on your way before that 15 min is up, I'll stick around and we can continue our lesson as scheduled! :)

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